Improved reach for your SEO and Blog Marketing Campaigns with Social Seeding

Social Seeding can now also be used for your campaigns at SeedingUp.

You’ve been able to book Social Seeding for your articles on our marketplace for the past couple of days now. Social Seeding enables you to reach a larger audience with social channels such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

High demand after introducing Social Seeding on SeedingUp

Our advertisers responded very positively to the Social Seeding introduction. We therefore want to introduce the Social-Seeding option for SEO and Blog Marketing Campaigns shortly after we introduced the self-service option.

Need more reach? Let us know.

Your campaign can also profit from Social Seeding. If you’d like to include Social Seeding in your campaign, let us know when booking a campaign or contact your account manager.

Give it a shot: 10% discount off your first campaign invoice

New SEO Campaigns and Blog Marketing Campaigns can be booked until May 10th with a 10% discount for the first invoice.
Important: The discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. The discount is given for the complete invoice for the first three months of a SEO Campaign. For Blog Marketing Campaigns, the discount will be given for the first payment of your invoice after creating the campaign. The discount applies only to new bookings within the time period of the discount.

Treat your campaign with an upgrade. Or give Social Seeding a shot by using the self-service feature. All Infos can be found on our website.