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Digital News are articles published in the online editions of newspapers, magazines and other high-quality media offerings.


General articles on given topics


Testimonials / Reviews / Product Test

Blogs with added content value

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Over 22,000 active bloggers in all subject areas

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– after all, you should be the talk of the town and be part of the conversation. With SeedingUp you can spread content via bloggers and address your target audience. As a result, you promote your awareness and image and achieve not only a high reach / traffic, but also various downstream SEO effects. All offers on our platform have been carefully checked according to our quality guidelines, our publishers are authentic, independent and credible.

Every editorial offer provides you with real added value. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for if you choose us. Browse through our offers and start your article marketing today – with NoFollow within the search engine guidelines.

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In our portfolio and in the topic relevance search, you are guaranteed to find the Online Media with the right content for you. We provide ample interesting data on each offer, which helps you make the right decision. Our marketplace is also anonymous for your protection. The entire process has been designed to be particularly secure and transparent. The dashboard serves as a control center for your activities and informs you about the necessary steps.

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Our huge portfolio includes Online Media from almost all subject areas. You’re sure to find a suitable offer quickly with our practical search functions and offer filters. For example product news or information from your company are suitable article topics. You can also add meaningful pictures and videos to your article. With NoFollow, you carry out article and Blog Marketing within the framework of the search engine guidelines.

Best Practice Online-Marketing

Every published article reaches a variety of attentive, interested readers, not only directly and exclusively the readers of the online medium. The articles are easy to find in search engines when interested parties research your brand, services or products. Articles are guaranteed online for at least 12 months, usually ….

Increase your visibility and improve your image with Digital News!

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Every offer on the SeedingUp marketplace is reviewed when it is submitted and again afterwards, to ensure that the content is unique and updated regularly. The articles created for you appear particularly authentic and reach an interested and large readership in this environment. Many Digital News also have interfaces to social networks.

Digital News

Digital news are articles published in the online editions of newspapers, magazines and other high-quality media offerings. These have a particularly high reach and correspondingly strong networking in social networks. 

We offer three different variants of Digital News:

Editorial experience and test reports

Redaktionelle Artikel zu vorgegebenen Theme

Featured guest articles

Digital News is particularly effective when complemented by images or online videos. These can be conveniently transmitted by the publisher as part of the booking request.


The Digital News is included in the same feed as the regular articles of the offer and does not differ from the other articles in terms of layout. All links and media content are included according to the offer and booking. Links can be included with the NoFollow attribute.


The offer is registered on the marketplace by the publisher and checked by us manually. The final price is set by the publisher. Advertisers can book Digital News after successful activation of the offer. Possible and selected options, such as the labeling of the links, are clearly stated in the offer or booking details. We check the integration of the booking for 12 months after publication, which usually permanently stays on the offer page.

This offer is reserved exclusively for high-reach offer websites. Bloggers use our Blog Posts for marketing instead.

Advantages for advertisers

Extremely high reach for your target

First-class environment for the presentation of your brands, (services) or products

Multiple definable link targets in the article

Possible default of image files and online videos

Ensuring the high quality of an offer

Advertorial option: Provide the article text in full or let the publisher write unique content

Easy ordering via our marketplace or via our campaign service

Advantages for publishers

Marketing tailored to high-reach news websites

Remuneration at a fixed price, independent of views, clicks or leads

Flexible offer: You pick the individual options

Compatible with all other online advertising formats

Follow and/or NoFollow: You decide

Non-binding booking requests

Simple booking processing with detailed order description