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Representation of products and services by authentic influencers


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Blog and Influencer Marketing is an important part of the marketing mix,

it offers a variety of benefits compared to other advertising measures. Content marketing also needs viral support.

Influencers and bloggers are well-connected multipliers and have a great impact on your readers, followers and subscribers due to their popularity. They form the bridge to your target group and transport your message to their community.

SeedingUp is your efficient and reliable service provider for professional Influencer Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, as well as blogs.

Influencer Marketing

Communication at eye level

Followers appreciate the feeling of being addressed personally and being informed about the advantages and disadvantages of a product/service with convincing explanations. A striking presentation of products or brands “liked” by the influencer also quickly ends up in the followers’ shopping cart. The authenticity and credibility of the likeable influencer creates trust in his recommendations and thus in the products and brands.


Reduction of wastage

The right influencer can be found for every niche. Micro influencers in particular can reach the desired target group as well as new customer groups with their authentic content. Furthermore, brand awareness and brand knowledge in the target group increase.

Minor, but with an aha effect!

Unlike the best-known influencers in the industry, micro influencers are close to their target group and most importantly, are in close contact. Another advantage of a collaboration is the measurement of success of such campaigns.



Successful Influencer Marketing relies on authentic content that is bundled in exciting stories. This not only arouses affects about the brand, but also generates interactions.

Influencer Marketing is well suited for products and services that require explanation.

Creative and personal. An influencer should receive a briefing that summarizes the key points of the campaign, whilst being given sufficient creative freedom in the design of the content. This is the only way to create stories that are genuine and convincing – and that generates a high level of engagement thanks to their wide reach.

A product test creates trust in your brand and improves your reputation.

  • Positive influence on purchase decision processes 
  • Precise addressing of the target group
  • Presentation of products and services through authentic testimonials

A product testing campaign is one of the best ways to drive sales and awareness.

Brand marketing pursues a clearly defined goal: Targeted brand building on the internet.

  • Increase product and brand awareness

  • Positive, authentic content

  • Strengthens trust in companies and products in the long term

A branding campaign is a great way to create successful brands.

Process of a blog marketing and influencer campaign

Campaign planning

We are happy to advise you in advance regarding the direction and content aspects of the planned campaign and clarify all detailed questions together with you.

Campaign aims

Work with us to define your campaign aims, content focus, and budget.

Campaign implementation

We take care of the realization of your campaign, be it research, the communication with influencers or a guaranteed implementation of your content specifications.

Campaign reporting

You will receive regular reports with all posted posts and videos and the corresponding kpis.