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Blog and Influencer Marketing connected to SeedingUp


Marketing free of charge for publishers


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Content service for publishers through external authors

SeedingUp is your efficient and reliable marketer for professional content seeding on blogs, Online Media and websites.

Advertisers have the opportunity on SeedingUp to distribute content about their products and services on topic-relevant websites, blogs, Online Media and with the help of social influencers through our independent publishers.

In addition to increasing awareness, image and reach / traffic, advertisers also benefit from various downstream SEO effects.

Distribute and create articles, content and videos

SeedingUp offers you a variety of ways to market your websites, blogs and Online Media. We offer our product Blog Post for blogs, the counterpart Digital News for Online Media, and text links (backlinks) for websites. SeedingUp has a worldwide customer base ranging from online and SEO agencies to renowned corporations and specialized online stores.

Register your offers today – without obligation and free of charge. The demand for all topics is huge, you will already receive the first booking request within no time.

Basic information about the marketing of SeedingUp

You remain independent and free in all decisions.

For marketing, we offer Blog Marketing, Online Media (Digital News) and websites on our platform.

You decide how much leeway you give the advertiser in specifying content. With every booking request, you are the one to decide whether or not to accept and implement it. All booking requests are non-binding. You can simply reject requests that are not to your liking.

What exactly am I marketing with my website, blog or online medium?

It’s simple: You create and publish your content, as was the case before. In addition, you receive non-binding requests from our advertisers, further content, for example, in the form of a blog article to be published. Editorial online magazines are also possible.

As a publisher, you usually create the content yourself. Additionally, you can offer classic backlinks on blogs and websites as an OffPage SEO tool.

Marketing via SeedingUp is additional and not subject to any exclusive conditions.

Our different products at SeedingUp

Blog Post

Blog Posts are our successful product for effective Blog Marketing. Advertisers receive attention on the web with individually created articles. 

  • Bloggers write unique, authentic articles on behalf of advertisers
  • The articles appear on well-visited and connected blogs
  • Blog Posts are suitable for efficient image and reputation management
  • Presetting of additional image files and online videos possible

 We offer the following variants:

  • General article on a given topic
  • Field report / Review
  • Advertorial / Sponsored Post


Digital News

Newspapers and Online Media: Articles with a particularly high reach

 Digital News are articles published in the online editions of newspapers, magazines and other high-quality media offerings.

  • First-class environment for the presentation of your brands, (services) or products
  • Particularly high range
  • Strong networking in social networks
  • Presetting of image files and online videos is possible
  • Additional distribution of the articles in the social networks possible with guaranteed SocialMedia minimum reach


 We offer three different variants of Digital News:

  • Editorial experience and test reports
  • Editorial articles on given topics
  • Featured guest articles


Market your website profitably

You can profitably market your website as a publisher at SeedingUp.

You can earn money with your website through backlinks with just a few steps – also possible within the search engine guidelines with NoFollow.

To do so, set your price for a link on your website and then decide for yourself whether or not to accept the booking request in question.

You can give the advertiser the opportunity to provide content in addition to the booked link.

Text link

Text links are included on the offered URL. Information about the placement is in the offer. Suitable offers are found through the topic relevance search.

  • Monthly booking
  • Automatic extension bookable
  • Cancellable monthly
  • Variant with surrounded content text available


How does the marketing work at SeedingUp?

Register offers and set prices

All you need is a free customer account.

Booking request received

Remain independent, retain your editorial freedom – decide for yourself whether to accept or reject a booking.

Implementation of the booking request

– e.g. you publish an article.

Receive money

Regular and reliable payment