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SeedingUp offers you a variety of options to monetise your websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and social media profiles (Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram). Our blog marketing products are highly suited for blogs and our digital news product for online media. YouTubers can monetise their YouTube channels with influencer videos. For our social posts & social seeding offers public Facebook pages, Instagram profiles and Twitter accounts may be considered.

SeedingUp has a worldwide customer base, ranging from SEO agencies and renowned corporations, to specialised online shops. Register your offers today – it's completely free and non-binding. The demand is high, so you might just receive your first booking request very shortly.


  • Free for Publishers
  • Complete Editorial Freedom and Flexibility
  • Fair Compensation - Reliable Payouts
  • Compensation Regardless of Page Views and Clicks
  • Efficient and Secure Processing
  • Individual Pricing of Your Offers
  • Clearly Laid-out Publisher Dashboard
  • Payment Processing via SeedingUp

Numbers at SeedingUp

Registered Users: 133,680
Active Advertiser: 18,538

Publisher Outreach:

Facebook: 2,971,723,716
Instagram Instagram: 45,686,770
Twitter: 55,630,362
YouTube: 758,507,220