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New Social Seeding with SeedingUp

07. April 2015.

Increased reach for article marketing

The international provider for digital content marketing provides more reach for blog and video marketing. Shares and Tweets are offered on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

The goal of a “Social Seeding” booking is to generate more traffic and awareness from the page’s followers for blog articles and news announcements. It may be on the article which was booked on the SeedingUp marketplace, but also any other URLs are possible. It can be booked on three social networks: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, as well as, posts that point to any other URLs. A separate product is available for YouTube channels.

Easy selection and purchase for advertising customers (Advertiser)

On the SeedingUp marketplace, four new products: “FB” for Facebook, “G+” for Google , “TW” for Twitter and “YT” for YouTube are now available. Various filters allow the selection of suitable offers. The number of followers on the profiles can be seen instantly. If the advertiser has chosen one or more offers, any of the independent providers (publishers) will be notified about the booking request and finally publish a post including the desired destination URL. YouTube videos are distributed on the publisher’s channel.
Creating buzz through posts on social networks for specific articles is ideal to reach a larger audience.

Hundreds of offers are registered in the first hours – with a starting audience of 245,000,000 followers

The providers (publishers) on the SeedingUp marketplace are primarily bloggers and online editors. They were first informed about the new products and had a couple of days beforehand to register their offers. “The response was huge,” says Seeding-Up CEO Andreas Armbruster, “within a few hours we had already recorded hundreds of registrations for our new products.” Of course, that meant a lot of work for the quality team that thoroughly reviewed the offers. Interested publishers can of course still login to set up Facebook and Google+ pages, Twitter profiles and YouTube channels. With the launch for advertisers, 1,500 offers with a remarkable total audience of already 245,000,000 followers are now available for booking.