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With Text Links to targeted search engine relevance.


Over 25,000 independent publishers / No network


Long-term period, can be cancelled on a monthly basis

Freely selectable link texts

Huge portfolio of offers with topic relevance search and numerous filter options

Permanent monitoring of the booking

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Increase search engine relevance

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Find offers from independent publishers to strengthen your websites and e-marketing projects on our marketplace. You have access to a high-quality and extensive portfolio of individually tested websites in a wide variety of subject areas and languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT). SeedingUp serves as an intermediary and does not operate any offers or network itself.

Choose between flexible products, numerous placements and many variations and follow search engine guidelines with NoFollow.

Text Links

Text Links can be integrated as pure HTML backlinks on almost any website and in a variety of places. In addition to our standard variant, we also offer Text Links and content in the marketplace. Here, a short content text contains the actual Text Link. Advertisers benefit from an increase in search engine relevance, whilst publishers benefit from a regular source of income.


The backlinks are integrated manually by the publisher on its offer website. The publisher has defined the exact placement and various options provided in their offer.


The offer appears anonymously with all important data and information on our marketplace. Advertisers can find suitable offers via the keyword and topic relevance search and can submit booking requests to publishers. The booking runs on a monthly basis as soon as the publisher accepts and integrates the request. Since long-term link building is particularly effective, you can choose to have the bookings renewed automatically, whilst enjoying a monthly cancellation option.

Advantages for advertisers

Increase search engine relevance

Freely selectable link text

Follow- and Nofollow-Option

Monthly cancellation option, with automatic booking renewal option

Real web projects from independent publishers / no network

Huge portfolio of offers with topic relevance search and numerous filter options

Huge portfolio of offers with topic relevance search and numerous filter options

Fair and steady offer prices

6-month price guarantee after booking

Permanent monitoring of the booking

Advantages for publishers

Monthly earnings independent of clicks and views

Can be used on almost all websites

Compatible with other forms of marketing

Flexible offer conditions

Uncomplicated, manual integration

Free marketing for publishers

Self-definable prices with a generous, fair price range

All booking requests are non-binding