An influencer marketplace for digital marketers

SeedingUp organically connects influencer/publishers with digital marketers in multiple languages and markets around the world.

SeedingUp is your efficient and reliable service provider for professional content seeding on blogs, online media, websites, YouTube and social networks (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).

On SeedingUp advertisers have the opportunity of having content on their products and services distributed by independent publishers and influencers on subject-specific websites, blogs, YouTube and social network profiles, and of benefitting not only from increased brand awareness, image and traffic, but also from various downstream SEO effects.

Publishers, in turn, can use SeedingUp to market their blogs, websites, YouTube channels and social network profiles profitably and in this way they also constantly get new ideas which they can write about.





Facebook: 495,078,128
Instagram Instagram: 47,171,302
Twitter: 55,834,382
YouTube: 777,154,530

USERS currently

SeedingUp Users: 134,818
Active Bloggers: 28,226



Increase brand recognition and image, as well as visibility and search engine ranking through regular blogmarketing. This is a service designed to help target specific demographics. Simply target users through specific keywords or through posting on theme specific sites (e.g. industry magazines and digital news platforms).


Improve your digital reputation and increase search engine ranking and web traffic through OffPage SEO campaigns with independent publishers. Developing a strong and trusted reputation on the net is a key factor in search engine ranking.


If you are looking to go viral then a SeedingUp video marketing campaign is a great place to start. Seed your video across the web with ease. With an interesting and entertaining video, you will be surprised at what you can achieve.


Increase your reach through posts & shares in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Create rich and unique content directly with SeedingUp. Drafted to your specifications and available in five languages.


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