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Increase your visibility as well as your image with Blog Marketing and improve exposure and search engine ranking.

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Articles included in the online editions of newspapers, magazines and other high-quality media offers.

Offpage SEO

Optimize your websites and online projects with our OffPage SEO campaigns and products with independent publishers, among others.

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Brand and product marketing for influencers with our tailor-made influencer campaigns – to increase awareness.

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Marketing of blogs, websites and Online Media

Blog and Influencer Marketing combined at SeedingUp

SeedingUp is your efficient and reliable service provider for professional content seeding on blogs, Online Media, websites, YouTube and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube).

 With our independent publishers and influencers our advertisers are given the opportunity on SeedingUp to distribute content regarding their products and services on topic-relevant websites, blogs, Online Media and social accounts.

 In addition to increasing awareness, image and reach / traffic, you also benefit from various downstream SEO effects.

The best move is to register today for free on our platform and browse our portfolio of offers that contains bloggers, Online Media and websites.

As an advertiser, you benefit from a wide variety of publishers who address numerous subject areas.

 SeedingUp does not just provide active publishers on current topics and trends, but also includes contributions on niche topics. In either case, you benefit from successful networkers who communicate their topics passionately and bring them closer to their communities.

Influencer campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are implemented individually for you by the campaign team of SeedingUp.