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Visible Success with the SeedingUp Campaign Service:

12. May 2016.

10% Discount for Pentecost

Assign our team of experts with a SEO- or Blog Marketing Campaign and save the service fee on all your campaigns during the Pentecost period from May 11th to 16th.

With our Campaign Service you can improve either brand awareness and image, or directly and indirectly increase your search engine relevancy with different downstream effects.

Our campaign managers will look into your website and targets precisely and will discuss your budget and the procedure of a successful campaign with you.

We offer two types of campaigns: Blog Marketing- and SEO Campaigns

Blog Marketing Campaign:
Either use a Blog Marketing Campaign as a pure communication tool, or SEO booster or even both. We place great content and brand-effective messages on quality and suitable publishing sites for you.
In addition to higher traffic, Likes and increased awareness, positive SEO effects are created directly as well as indirectly.

SEO Campaign:
With a SEO campaign at SeedingUp we pursue the objective of increasing your traffic by boosting your search engine relevance.

Discount Information:

  • Discount period: 05/11/2016 to 05/16/2016
  • 10% Off for all Campaign invoices of new SEO- and Blog Marketing campaigns in the discount period
  • The discount will be displayed in your shopping cart before payment and checkout