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Google Visible PageRank:

03. May 2016.

Finally Eliminated

Google has finally eliminated the “Visible PageRank” the week before last and switched off the display completely. Since then toolbars and various SEO tools show a PageRank of zero.

In November 2014, we already informed you that there will be no more PageRank update for the Google Toolbar, meaning no externally visible update. The last update and all visible values until last week were from December 2013.

For SEOs and Website Operators Nothing Changes Due to the End of Visible PageRank!

It might not be clear to everybody that not the PageRank was eliminated, but the Visible PageRank. For a long time, it has been a good measure for evaluating website popularity. Unlike the PageRank that Google uses to calculate the rankings of websites, the Visible PageRank was rarely updated and presented in a rather simplified form.

Due to Google, the elimination of the Visible PageRank will help to avoid confusion about the meaning of this key figure for the very complex evaluation of a website.

For quality ratings and pricing our offers of various Content Marketing products, PageRank played a very minor role for very long already. Lately it doesn’t play no more role at all.

In addition to a constant manual quality evaluation and depending on the product, SeedingUp analyzes different metrics in SEO, reach, interaction / Social Media, etc.

We will completely remove the display of the PageRank as one of our many search metrics shortly.

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