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SeedingUp Days: Ready for Christmas 2022 with a 15% discount

25. November 2022.

Many companies are already planning their marketing campaigns for next year. But what about the remaining time for 2022? Indeed, the Holiday season is getting closer and closer.

Use the pre-holiday period effectively and be seen online with your products and services. Because, during the cold season, your potential customers spend more time browsing blogs, magazines and social media to learn about your brand through blog articles, editorials and posts, and make (sometimes also long-term) purchase decisions.


The right choice for your website

We at SeedingUp are happy to support you with the right advertising strategy and generate the necessary reach for your products and services through our bloggers, YouTubers and social influencers. This way you, stay in the spotlight and keep in touch with your clients and prospective customers.

You can rely on our team of experts for the implementation of your campaign. They will work with you to put together the right mix of products and entirely manage your targeted SeedingUp marketing campaign. Starting today and until November 28, 2022 you benefit from a 15% discount on all campaigns and package bookings.