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New SeedingUp website / new SeedingUp blog / discount promotion

30. October 2023.

In February 2023, we had specified our offer in the self-service marketplace and expanded it to influencer marketing campaigns.

We have now completely redesigned our website outside the marketplace and adapted it to our current range of services. We also keep you informed in our new SeedingUp Blog about the topics Blog and Influencer Marketing, as well as OffPage SEO.

SeedingUp offers advertisers and publishers extensive opportunities to place digital content on the web about products, brands, services through bloggers, online media and social influencers. At SeedingUp, we support them in using these options in a taylor made way. The reward: more reach, more traffic and ideally, of course, more sales.

Specification of our offer in the self-service marketplace and in the domain of influencer marketing campaigns.

Our products text links, blogs (blogposts, product tests and video posts) and digital news can be booked directly on the well-structured marketplace of SeedingUp. We have been able to additionally expand our portfolio there recently. Smart content seeding generates sustainable content on the web and reaches the specific target group in the best possible way.

These products are provided also in the form of packages and campaigns bookable directly through the marketplace or developed individually.


Top successes through smart influencer campaigns.

The focus in the marketplace is on OffPage SEO and sustainable content on the web and in search engines through bloggers and online media. For influencer marketing in social media, we offer needs-based and customized campaigns. Customized means above all that the respective target groups are reached cleanly and scattering losses are avoided. We offer the valuable reach of suitable influencers in the target group on the platforms Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube in order to exploit its enormously growing potential.


Take advantage of 10% discount promotion now

To celebrate the launch of the relaunched website and the new SeedingUp blog as your trusted service provider for professional content seeding, OffPage SEO and influencer marketing, we are offering 10% off all our products, packages and campaigns until November 12, 2023.


Individual advice

You are also welcome to book an appointment for a call directly here. Our team is looking forward to the common exchange with you