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PRODUCT TEST – New Blog Marketing Offer From SeedingUp

22. March 2017.

Raise the Profile of Your Products and Services

With our new PRODUCT TEST, you can increase the profile of your products through authentic test reviews on blogs from well-visited and well-connected influencers and bloggers.

A PRODUCT TEST is characterised by the fact that a blogger or influencer will write an authentic test report about a product you have made available to them. Up until now, Product Tests were theoretically possible with a Blogpost booking however now we offer the added benefit of having them specially controlled and handled by our bloggers.

Content specifications, while ensuring the editorial decision-making freedom of the bloggers, are decided beforehand in a briefing. Moreover, the subsequent drafted test report, at your request, can be upgraded with photos (Add. 10%) or videos (Add. 30%) from the publisher.


→ Increase the profile of your products – reach interested readers

→ Clear demonstration of your products and services through authentic test reports

→ Image effect and sales promotion


The Advantages of a Product Test

  • Presentation of products and services with application and experience reports.

  • Sales promotion: experience reports are commonly the basis for purchase decisions.

  • Branding: increased brand awareness.

  • Elevation of the level of awareness for services and products – you reach interested readers via blogs.

  • Sales and increased traffic through many downstream effects: the articles of the publishers stay listed in search engines for an extended period of time for when interested parties research your products and services.

Characteristics of a Product Test

  • Individually published test reviews on well-connected blogs with loyal readers.

  • Content specifications are possible in accordance with the editorial decision-making freedom of the bloggers.

  • Link destinations can be specified. The inclusion of No-follow links can be considered.

  • All services and products are suitable when they can be tested by bloggers in a self-test. Unique and authentic content: the articles are created by the bloggers themselves.

  • Documentation of the tests with pictures or video footage is available by request.

  • Distribution of the article through social seeding in social networks is possible!

The Booking Process
Once a booking has been accepted by the publisher, please send the product to be tested to the publisher’s address in the booking information. Vouchers and access can of course be made available to the publishers in place of mail delivery where the product is not physical.

The tested product is kept by the publisher that is, it becomes the property of the publisher even after the completed PRODUCT TEST. The value of the good can be deducted in part or in whole from the booking price. The publisher creates an authentic test report based on the specifications of the briefing, such as content, pictures, video, and backlinks. The opportunity to conduct a preliminary review or a post review is also offered with a Product Test.