Product Test

Product Tests are our product for the introduction and advertising of products through bloggers and influencers. Using individually designed Product Tests, bloggers increase the level of awareness and image of services and products. The articles are published on the well visited and connected blogs of our publishers and can even be directly distributed into social networks. In addition to articles, our publishers can also produce new images and videos as part of the product test, thereby creating content that is long lasting in search engines for when potential customers search for the products. Hence, Product Tests are an aptly suited way to sustainably increase brand and product awareness. For bloggers, Product Tests are an ideal way of marketing their blogs. Of course, publishers retain editorial independence at all times.



Bloggers write unique and authentic Product Test articles on behalf of the advertisers. In addition to the customised article written according to the advertiser’s specifications, these can also include image files or online videos. The articles should not be significantly different in style from the other articles of the blog. Link targets can also be specified. With nofollow they comply with the guidelines of search engines.


Bloggers can register their blog for a variety of content products, including Product Tests. Once an offer has been reviewed manually by our quality assurance team, it is added to our marketplace and can be booked immediately by advertisers. The booking becomes active as soon as the article has been published. Product Test bookings typically remain on the blog permanently after publication, but we guarantee that they will be live for at least 12 months.

Bloggers can also deliver their offer in other ways:


Advantages for Advertisers

  • Demonstration of products and services by bloggers
  • Attracts attention
  • Branding: increased brand and product awareness
  • Production of new content (including images and videos) by the bloggers
  • Vast portfolio of offers with content relevance search and a range of filter options
  • Manually checked, real blogs with added value
  • Nofollow: Backlinks according to search engine guidelines
  • Permanently included on the blog
  • Simple order management in the customer account

Advantages for Publisher

  • Receive products and earn money through Product Tests
  • Fair and fixed fees not based on clicks and views
  • Product Tests create added value for your blog
  • Vast demand
  • All booking requests are non-binding
  • You retain editorial independence
  • Prices you can define within a generous price range
  • Compatible with other forms of commercialization