Influencer Video

Influencer videos are our product for the increase in awareness of products and services via YouTubers. After a booking is made, the YouTuber receives a briefing with all the relevant information regarding the creation of a YouTube video for reviews, tutorials, Product Tests and ‘hauls’. Understandably, YouTubers retain full editorial freedom of choice in relation to questions and content.



YouTubers create unique and authentic videos on behalf of advertisers:

hauls, reviews, tutorials and product tests.

An influencer video should be a minimum of 2 – 3 minutes long and simply published on the offered channel.


YouTubers can register their channels for our influencer videos. Once a manual review of the offer is completed, it will appear on our market place and be immediately available to be booked. Once the video is created and published, the booking is active. Influencer videos have a one-off price which is independent of actual views. Through social seeding, we offer several ways for videos to be wide reaching in social networks. We guarantee an integrated video for 12 months. In practice, influencer videos remain permanently available in the YouTube channels.

Advantages for Advertisers

  • Direct advertising effect: recognition and image
  • Vast offer portfolio
  • Manually reviewed YouTube channels with real value
  • Production of new content in the form of a video from an authentic Influencer
  • Social Seeding to increase reach or dissemination by Bloggers
  • Eye-catching videos
  • Long-term integration
  • Simple order process in customer account

Advantages for Publishers

  • Earn money with Influencer videos
  • Remuneration that is fair and stable
  • Interesting topic suggestions for the channel
  • High demand
  • All booking requests are non-binding
  • Publishers retain editorial freedom of choice
  • Self-selected prices from a generous price range
  • Compatibility with other forms of marketing