Digital News

Digital News articles are published in online editions of newspapers, magazines and other high-quality media offerings. These have a particularly long reach and have a large social network followership.

This is one of the best ways to reach a specific audience, particular if you are targeting a particular set of industry members or an interest group. The Digital News product is also great for Press Releases.

Publication as Editorial Article: the article text is written by the publisher’s editors.

Publication as Advertorial: advertiser writes the article text, which is published as an advertorial.

Digital News have a particularly positive effect when images or online videos are added. These can be conveniently added by the publisher in the context of the booking inquiry.


The Digital News booking will be integrated in the same feed as the regular articles of the offer and its layout does not differ from that of the other articles. All links and the media content are integrated according to your specifications. Links can be integrated with a no-follow attribute.


The offer is registered on the marketplace by the publisher and is manually checked by us. The final price is set by the publisher. After successful activation, the advertisers can book the Digital News offer. Possible and selected options, such as the identification of the links, are clearly visible in the offer or the booking details. After publication, we check the integration of the booking for a period of 12 months; the booking usually remains permanently online.

This product is reserved exclusively for websites with a large reach. Bloggers use our blog marketing products instead for marketing (Blog Post, Advertorial, Video Marketing, Infographic, Press Release).

Advantages for Advertisers

  • Very long reach for your article
  • First-class environment for the presentation of your brands, services or products
  • Several definable backlinks in the article
  • Possible specification of image files and online videos.
  • Assurance of high offer quality through continual review by our quality inspectors
  • Advertorial option: specify the article text completely, or have unique content written by the publisher.
  • Simple ordering on our marketplace
  • Can also be booked within the scope of our campaign services

Advantages for Publishers

  • Marketing tailored to long-reach news pages
  • Remuneration at a fixed price, irrespective of views, clicks or leads.
  • Flexible offer: you decide which options you wish to offer.
  • Compatible to all other forms of online advertising
  • Follow and/or no-follow: you decide.
  • Non-binding booking requests
  • Simple handling of bookings with detailed order description
  • Friendly support