Video Marketing – our proposal for multimedia campaigns on the net:

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With Video Marketing, Advertisers can start viral campaigns by initially placing the videos on popular blogs and rounding them up with small texts that relate to it’s content.

Creative videos stand out and can be spread on social networks with just a few clicks. Therefore they are an increasingly important advertising medium, a central element of Social Media Marketing that also provides various downstream SEO effects.
We offer Video Marketing as a standalone Blogmarketing product. The combination of classical Blogmarketing campaigns and video seeding makes Video Marketing particularly effective.
Additionally, you can spread your videos via YouTube.

As part of your booking you will receive ...

  • An exclusively published new blog article that matches the content of the video, written by the blogger.
  • Placement of the video in an eye-catching and ideal content environment within the blog post.
  • If desired the appropriate backlinking. Tip: Use nofollow-links to comply with the guidelines of search engines.
  • Guaranteed integration and visibility of your article for a minimum of 12 months.

All you need…

... is a video that is available online, which can be accessed through an "Embedding Code" and displayed on an external website. On YouTube for example, these codes can be found easily: Under the video click on "Share" and "Embed" and you’ll get a ready-made HTML code that you can easily include in your booking request.

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