What do I do if the Publisher does not process the booking request?

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that publishers do not process requests promptly or not at all, although we provide regular and clear information about this by email and in the customer account.

For bookings with a processing time (blog articles, digital news and Influencer videos), we will inform you as soon as the Publisher has accepted your request and the processing has begun.

Cancellation is possible at any time as long as the reservation has not yet been accepted by the Publisher and the processing time (e.g. 7 days) has not started. During the Publishers processing time, cancellation is not possible! After the processing time has expired, you can cancel the booking as long as the Publisher has not implemented and published it. The full amount of the purchase will be credited to your customer account as an Advertiser credit.

You can also contact the Publisher yourself and ask that your request be processed. A contact link can be found within the booking details in your customer account. Please contact users only via the internal messaging system!

For the following products, you can specify a processing time (from booking acceptance) at the time of booking:

Blogpost Blog Post
Produkttest Product Test
Videopost Video Post
Digital News Digital News
Influencer Video Influencer Video
Facebook Facebook-Post
Instagram Instagram-Post
Twitter Twitter-Post

The following products have no processing time:

Textlinks Text link
Postlinks Post link

You can cancel these bookings at any time if processing by the publisher takes too long.