What is SeedingUp?

SeedingUp is an online marketing services provider focusing on Content- and Blog Marketing as well as Social Seeding.

Publishers (webmasters, web editors and bloggers) are provided with an effective way to market their web projects. Advertisers can then book contents on these websites and blogs.

The offer includes blogs in the form of experience- and test reports as well general articles on specified topics, Advertorials and guest articles. Thanks to Video Post and Infographics, digital content is effectively conveyed in a manner relevant to the target groups. Digital News refers to articles that are published in the online editions of daily newspapers, magazines and other quality media products. With Social Seeding, these articles can be quickly disseminated via social networks (including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

Instead of performing the booking themselves, Advertisers can also use our Campaign Service, thereby saving time and effort. The campaigns are then handled by our online marketing and SEO professionals.

With the help of our Content Service, texts (in different languages ??and levels of quality), images and videos can be ordered. This is useful for websites and blogs as well as promotional material, flyers and more.

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