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Social Media Minimum Reach at a Fixed Price

17. July 2018.

Increase distribution optimized towards your target market with just a few clicks.

Distributing content and achieving a broad reach within a target market is an important objective of Content Marketing. Social Seeding is a useful method, since this makes it possible to attract attention to articles and videos on social networks in an extremely quick and effective manner. We have further developed our current booking process to provide you with a way of achieving optimum reach for your articles and videos with minimum effort. You can now book Social Media Minimum Reach for any article or video in our market place. These are offered at a fixed price for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

What is behind influencer marketing with guaranteed Social Media Reach at a fixed price?

Take advantage of our Social Media Minimum Reach for target-market optimized diffusion of your articles and videos.

Social Media Minimum Reach for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can be added as an option when you book the article (or even after it has been published). We can offer you up to three levels – based on price and number of followers – on network profiles that are relevant to your target market. All blogs, digital news and influencer video offers at SeedingUp have individual reaches with suitably themed profiles on social networks.

The benefits of Social Media Minimum Reach at a glance:

  • Increase the reach of your blog, digital news and influencer video booking in a simple and effective manner
  • Increased reach in up to three levels (price/follower) as Social Media Minimum Reach at a fixed price
  • Publish on suitably themed profiles
  • Easily reach social network users who are interested in your topics
  • Engagement and attention in your target market

Take advantage of our additional offer through Social Seeding bookings in order to significantly improve your performance on social networks and make the most of our offer with guaranteed social media reach.

We are happy to answer any questions about our new Social Media Minimum Reach or the topics of blog marketing, content marketing, influencer videos and off-page SEO.