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Influencer Video

05. September 2017.

The Promotion of Products and Services Through Custom-Made Videos by YouTubers

Our new product “INFLUENCER VIDEO” just went online.

We have expanded our range of influencer marketing possibilities for Advertisers and Publishers. Until now, our Advertisers could already disseminate their content and messages on blogs, various online media, as well as websites and social networks. From now, we also offer the opportunity to create unique and authentic videos together with YouTubers: reviews, product tests, hauls, and tutorials.

Over the past few weeks, many YouTubers have already offered their YouTube channels on our marketplace covering a wide array of topics. Thus, Advertisers can already choose from a broad portfolio of YouTube channels from the start, and at once book influencer videos.

INFLUENCER VIDEOS are well suited to increase the awareness of a product or service. They are a perfect complement to Blog Marketing.

We are connecting companies and influencers since 2005

SeedingUp already offers influencer marketing opportunities by allowing Advertisers the chance to commission our bloggers to write various blog articles. Starting today, we also offer video creation by our YouTube influencers to complement the advertising possibilities. This turns SeedingUp into a comprehensive platform for influencer marketing: from the creation of a YouTube Video to sharing it on blogs and online media, as well as social networks (social seeding on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter).

Booking process:

Our Publishers receive a briefing after a booking, containing specifications on the creation of the desired video. While retaining their editorial independence, our YouTubers create tutorials, product tests, hauls, or reviews. These are subsequently published on the channel of the YouTuber after review and approval by the Advertiser.