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Credit Cashback:

04. January 2016.

To each new advertiser credit charge we add 5%

Until January 10th, 2016 we reward each charging with 5% extra credit

Did you have a good start to the New Year? This year, we start with a big cashback offer. Do you already use advertiser credit to deposit balances? Three good reasons for doing so:

Fewer bills

You will receive only one invoice per credit charging, not one per booking or extension.

Don’t miss any payment deadlines in the future

Extension invoices, for example for campaigns, will automatically be paid from the existing assets. This way you can avoid an undesired termination of a campaign.

5% additional balance per credit charging

Until January 10th, 2016 we’ll add 5% extra advertiser balance as part of our cashback campaign.

Take this opportunity and don’t miss on the 5% within the promotional period in the New Year. You can charge your account with every payment option that is available in your region.