Your Video Message on Blogs, Websites, and YouTube Channels

Greater Reach and Relevance for Your Videos

SeedingUp provides the ability to integrate your video in a contextually correct way and thus reach your target audience. With Video Marketing, you can reach large parts of your target group without divergence loss.

Advertisers start a viral campaign with a Video Post through the initial placement on a respected blog. In addition to videos, bloggers can write a short text about the content of the video.

You can also achieve high reach with your videos being shared on YouTube. YouTube seeding is a great multiplier of different video channels. Sharing the video gives you great exposure!



Our Video Marketing Products:

  • Highest Outreach: Incorporating Videos on Subject-relevant Blogs
  • Integrating Online Videos
  • Videos are Usually More Effective than Text
  • Eye-catching
  • Suitable for Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Long-term Integration
  • Huge Portfolio with Numerous Filter Options

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