Your Video Message in Blogs, Social Networks and YouTube Channels

More Coverage and Relevance for Your Videos

SeedingUp is offering the possibility of Youtubers and Influencers to produce authentic new videos about your products and services. We also offer the possibility to distribute these videos or already existing ones by Bloggers, who integrate your video in a suitable context and thus reach the readership of Bloggers with your message.

Likewise, you have the opportunity to achieve a high coverage with the distribution of your video on social networks. Social Seeding is a good multiplier and through the sharing of a video many people are reached.

With the help of our YouTube and video marketing, you can achieve a very large outreach without scatter loss.

Our Video Marketing Products:

  • Maximum coverage by YouTubers, Bloggers and Social Influencers
  • Creation of authentic online videos
  • Video is more effective than text
  • Attention grabbing
  • Suited to viral marketing campaigns
  • Long term integration
  • Simple order process in customer account
  • Vast offer portfolio

Numbers at SeedingUp

Registered Users: 133,346
Active Bloggers: 27,820

Publisher Outreach:

Facebook: 12,849,023,044
Instagram Instagram: 12,390,260,470
Twitter: 55,500,566
YouTube: 750,855,476