Social Seeding in Social Networks

Increased Reach for Your Brand Messages

Social Seeding is a content distribution method that allows advertisers to seed their message through social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and You Tube.

The post on each social network may include any URL or serve as the ideal increase in attention to your already booked Blog Marketing-articles.

Posts can include any URL and text, but are often used as a multiplier for pre-booked blogmarketing or Video Marketing campaigns.

Simply put, Social Seeding is great way to share your content, products, images, infographics, apps, and videos on social networking sites!



Our Social Seeding Products:

  • Increase of Blog Marketing Reach
  • Easy Add-On to Article Bookings
  • Find Suitable Social Profiles with Auto-Targeting for Article Bookings
  • Publishing on Content Relevant Profiles
  • Huge and Tested Product Portfolio
  • User-friendly Booking Management


Numbers at SeedingUp

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Active Bloggers: 25,340

Publisher Outreach

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