Company Profile

SeedingUp is an international online marketing service and offers ​​efficient solutions in five languages for content marketing, content seeding and marketing. With a content service that delivers almost one hundred categories of excellent texts, customers are supported in content optimization of their websites and publications on the web. SeedingUp has a global customer base, ranging from SEO agencies through renowned corporations to specialized online stores.
The user-friendliness of our products is the center of our business. In our opinion you can only lead the market if you are willing to continuously adjust the way you approach your tasks. That is why throughout the past we have steadily optimized our performances. And we are not going to change that attitude in the future.

SeedingUp Facts

  • Founded: 2005
  • CEO: Andreas Armbruster
  • Head office location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Other locations: USA (New York), UK (London), Spain (Madrid), France (Paris)
  • Employees: 25
  • Platform available in 5 Languages
  • Offers in 30+ Languages
  • Users from 180+ countries
  • Europe's market leader

SeedingUp is the premier source for high-quality content marketing on blogs and editorial news pages. In addition to a self-service marketplace, SeedingUp provides a campaign service as well as, in cooperation with the affiliated SEO agency seonative, the full range of SEO services.

Advertisers / SEOs find a high-quality portfolio with individually tested offers from a variety of topics in more than 30 languages. These web pages are not provided or run by SeedingUp, but by independent bloggers or publishers who have registered their websites or blogs on the marketplace. SeedingUp is not a network, but only acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers: The campaign service is a simplification for the advertiser that takes on, thanks to personalized account management, almost all advertiser activity for the customer. SeedingUp clearly distances itself from search engine spam techniques and violations against the relevant guidelines.

Publishers can profitably monetize their websites and blogs on our marketplace. Thus, many flexible products and variants are offered on the platform. Unlike other affiliate programs, the fees are independent of page views and click-throughs. Furthermore, publishers do not enter into binding commitments by registering: Any unwanted booking request can be refused. Thanks to nofollow, all offers can be designed according to the guidelines of the search engines.