Complex information displayed in a clear infographic. Infographics are a popular journalistic device, which can be created as per a company or brand design and can also convey advertising messages effectively without losing their informational character.

With SeedingUp you can distribute your infographics on related blogs.

A brief text can be used to introduce your Infographic. Humorous information graphics or Infographics with a high topical or informational value are particularly suitable for viral campaigns and are readily spread around by publishers and bloggers.


A requirement for an Infographic booking is an available infographic. It will be published within a blog article. A short text about the infographic is part of the booking. It is written by the blogger. Links and image file (standard formats: jpg, png, gif) are integrated via standard HTML code. The use of nofollow tags enables compliance with the guidelines of search engines.


Bloggers can register their blog for various content products, including Infographics. Once an offer has been checked manually, it is added to our marketplace and can be booked immediately by advertisers.

The image file is provided by the advertiser directly in the booking form. The blogger embeds the image file from his or her website. The Infographic generally stays online and is permanently visible. The guaranteed period of integration is 12 months. The price is one-time for the advertiser.

Advantages for Advertisers

  • Efficient distribution of Infographics
  • Suitable for viral campaigns
  • Vast portfolio of offers with content relevance search and a range of filter options
  • Manually checked, real blogs with added value
  • Nofollow: Backlinks according to search engine guidelines
  • All common image formats are supported
  • Permanently included on the blogSimple order management in the customer account
  • Permanent monitoring of correct integration

Advantages for Publishers

  • Free commercialization for bloggers
  • Fair and fixed fees not based on clicks and views
  • Added value for your readers
  • High demand
  • Prices are defined within a generous price range
  • All booking requests are non-binding.
  • You retain your editorial independence.