Using Micro-Influencers Successfully with SeedingUp Campaigns – a Case Study

SeedingUp provides advertisers with the opportunity of using effective content seeding to place their products and services on relevant blogs, online media, YouTube or social media, thus increasing brand and product awareness. Use our campaign service to positively influence the image, reach and search engine relevance of your online offering

Today, using a case study as an example, we would like to show you how a SeedingUp campaign is executed, as well as the results and advantages that can be gained from implementing such a campaign.

The starting position and the goals of your campaign

You are the managing director of an online travel platform that wishes to more intensively market the “Prague City Breaks” product in the spring of 2018 in order to stir its customers' interest in attractive travel offers for the months of September and October. In addition to image cultivation, your goals are to increase the awareness of your travel products by addressing your target group more often and more effectively. For this purpose, the reach and the search engine relevance of your offerings are to be improved. The aim of these measures is to boost sales of the “Prague City Breaks” product and thus generate higher earnings in the long term.

Implementing the campaign

Task: Blog and influencer marketing in order to increase sales of the product “Prague City Breaks”
Budget: 5000 €*
Campaign duration: 3 months*
Information material provided by the customer: Images, video footage and text content

  • Smaller and larger travel blogs to raise awareness around the topic of “Prague City Breaks” (reviews and suggestions, things to do on a visit to the city, including sightseeing tips, etc., on a personal level / with personal recommendations)
  • Travel magazines / portals with high readership to cover the general presentation of the travel offer, and/or special travel portals that deal specifically with the topic of city breaks/trips
  • Creation of an influencer video by a YouTuber from the travel sector, with a view to presenting a city trip to Prague. Subsequent publication on the YouTuber's YouTube channel
  • Social seeding on Facebook and Twitter to boost reach in order to get through to users on subject-relevant social profiles
  • Seeding of the Influencer video on travel blogs and social networks
  • Integration of image and video material

Achievement of objectives:

  • Adherence to budget
  • Creation of an influencer video with a high number of views
  •  3 articles on travel portals
  • 10 authentic articles on both smaller and larger travel blogs
  • 5 Facebook posts to increase the reach of the influencer video
  • 15 Facebook and Twitter posts to generate reach for the blog posts and travel magazine articles

*The budget and duration of the case study are, of course, purely examples. Both the budget and the duration of the campaign can be individually adapted to suit respective budgets and markets

Effects of the campaign - this is what you can achieve with a SeedingUp campaign

The combination of relevant blog posts by suitable publishers with product tests and influencer videos and the accompanying distribution across social media already yielded the first positive results during the course of the campaign. Not only was there an increase in the number of likes and instances of the articles being shared on Facebook profiles relevant to the topic, but the number of hits on the offers for “City breaks in Prague” in September and October 2018 also rose noticeably.

The articles created on blogs and travel portals, as well as the video posts and posts created on social networks, have also prompted other bloggers and numerous users to comment on the published content or post reviews of the travel products. Further positive results of the campaign could be seen in the form of measurable SEO effects through downstream effects, and, above all, additional content from the publishers in search engines. If you were interested in a city break to Prague and decided to do research into the subject, a Google search would provide you with the blog articles and videos of the influencers who report on these offerings. The created content can be found sustainably in the results.

The benefits of a SeedingUp campaign at a glance

Our campaign managers work with you to create an individual campaign that suits you and your products. Possible changes of strategy will of course be taken into account during the implementation of the campaign. Our independent publishers and influencers create relevant texts and unique videos for you in order to effectively increase the awareness and image of your services and products. Use your personal SeedingUp campaign to achieve higher traffic and long-term revenue growth.