Today’s focus: Video Marketing

Up to 10% discount for all content marketing products on our marketplace.

Videos spice up your internet presence. The internet is filled with great texts; well-made videos however, stand out and can be shared easily with a few clicks on social networks. Videos are a growing advertising medium on the internet, a central element for social marketing and its importance for search engine optimization grows steadily.

Since this spring, we offer Video Marketing as a standalone blog marketing product. The connection from classical blog marketing campaigns and video seeding makes Video Marketing very effective.

The booking includes the following features…

  • A newly written and published Blog Post suitable to the content of the video written by the blogger
  • Placement of the video within the Blog Post, eye-catching content in the ideal content environment
  • Links to your specifications. Tip: Nofollow links comply with search engine guidelines.
  • Guaranteed integration and visibility of your article for at least 12 months.

Everything you need… an available online video, which can be integrated with an embedded code and shown on third-party website. These codes are for example directly supplied by Youtube: Here you can click on “Share” and “Embed” and receive a ready-to-go HTML Code, which you can simply add within the booking request.

Starting now, you’ll receive a 10% discount for Video Marketing until 11/09/2014.*

Our other blog marketing products…

...are also worth taking a look at.
Blog Posts are our basic offer for flexible blog marketing.
With Advertorials, you can publish your own content on other blogs.
Infographics are easily shared on social networks due to their self-explanatory content.
Press Releases share information about your company and services.

Starting now, these products have a 5% discount until 11/09/2014. Also our DN Digital News product, which are websites (e.g. daily newspapers) with a very large range, also have a 5% discount.*

*Important: The discount cannot be combined with other discount or promotions and applies to all new bookings within the promotion offer. The marketplace will show the regular price. The discount will be shown in the shopping cart and before the payment in the checkout area.