Improvement of Design and Usability

SeedingUp shaped up for you and refurbished its website: a new design and improved navigation are waiting for you.

About 11 years ago, we put our first platform with Offpage SEO online. Since then we constantly adapted and extended our platform and products, performed several relaunches and had a change of name.Now we have completely redesigned our online presence around the topics of Blog Marketing, Reputation on the Net, Video Marketing, Social Seeding, Content Service and SEO Services.Additionally, we have made minor usability improvements, including a better display of our products and services, the search function and the filter logic of our offers. Our Blog Marketing product "Video Marketing" is called "Video Post" from now, which suits it better.

Have a look at SeedingUp and test, alongside our many established products, how to successfully conduct Influencer Marketing with our platform.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is often used in the social networks to spread advertising messages, supported by the influence and reach of opinion makers. This marketing strategy is implemented by these influencers who enjoy high reputation in social networks and are well connected within the blogosphere. An influencer thus acts as a multiplier for your advertising message.

Influencer Marketing is a strategy in the marketing mix, which besides the goals of high reach and branding effects, can help to shape a company's image.

Use Influencer Marketing at SeedingUp to increase your reach and connect with influencers and bloggers!

Enjoy exploring our new website. We look forward to Your feedback!