SeedingUp outlook for 2022: What retailers should learn from this year

The pandemic has drastically changed the way consumers shop. Market research institutes indicate that more than 80% of all consumers shop differently today. This has far-reaching implications for retailers. In our annual review we demonstrate what has affected e-commerce throughout this year. We also dare to look ahead to the next year and explain how retailers can successfully win customers in 2022.

What affected online retail in 2021?

Before the pandemic, it was primarily price and product quality that decided whether customers bought in a shop - or clicked on the competition. It is different now. Consumers still make sure that they get a fair price and that the product meets their personal requirements. However, they are also questioning their consumer decisions, because consumers have been looking closely at their values during the pandemic. They are now incorporating this new perspective into their purchasing decisions. Consumers are therefore increasingly looking for brands that match their own values.

Digital shopping options on the rise

How does this manifest itself in practice? In retail, customers pay particular attention to factors such as health and safety, service and support, as well as trust and reputation of the suppliers. In order to meet this new demand, many retailers have launched digital shopping options such as fast delivery services, social commerce and live video shopping this year. In order for customers to even be aware of these services, online retailers must have the necessary reach. How do they achieve this?

Influencer and blog marketing as a path to success

In order to reach customers online, companies are increasingly investing in influencer marketing. In 2021, 77% increased their budget for influencer marketing. 14% had more than 100,000 € available for influencers and bloggers. 11% even exceeded 250,000 €. What makes an investment worthwhile is also dependent on the high quality of the influencers on the market. 44% of the companies stated that this had grown considerably. Around 66% therefore involved an influencer before the campaign started. Micro influencers and bloggers are becoming increasingly popular. They are considered to be particularly reliable.

How can retailers convince customers to buy in 2022?

In order to convey service, trust and product quality to customers, e-commerce companies should also continue to rely on influencer marketing and bloggers in 2022. Choosing the right partner is crucial for the success of a campaign, because with an influencer who does not fit the brand, retailers can also cause damage. For example, 85% of FMCG companies said that they had already negatively influenced their brand through the use of influencers.

Specialised agencies as a solution

Companies invest a lot of money for years to build up a brand. A single negative incident can therefore cause significant reputational damage. To avoid this, companies are increasingly relying on specialised agencies that have a comprehensive portfolio of professional influencers.

Approach influencer marketing successfully with SeedingUp

As a seeding agency, we know how to find the ideal publisher for your company and your products quickly and reliably. We also have a comprehensive portfolio with more than 26,000 bloggers and micro influencers in five languages. We serve all important markets, from small niche blogs to high-reach lifestyle or news portals.

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With this in mind, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful start into the new year!