SeedingUp Friday

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The time has come! Today is 29.11 - SEEDINGUP FRIDAY!

The annual shopping madness from the USA is knocking on our doors, just in time for 29.11. On our side of the world, there will be great deals in almost all online shops, and your SEEDINGUP FRIDAY, with a 20% discount  on all SeedingUp products, will of course be no exception.

We are turning the screws:

Today, you will receive a 20% discount on all blog posts, video posts, product tests, digital news, influencer videos, text links, post links, presell pages and social seeding.

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Depending on your desired target audience and medium, you will find the right campaign service with us:

Product Test Campaign

  • Increasing the level of awareness of services and products
  • Increase in sales opportunities
  • Branding: Increasing brand awareness
  • PR campaign e.g. for launching a product
  • Creation of permanent content in search engines through external publishers

Influencer Video Campaign

  • Increasing awareness and image of products, brands, companies or services through tutorials, product tests, hauls or reviews from YouTubers
  • Increase in sales opportunities
  • Creation of new content for your products on the web and in search engines

Blog Marketing Campaign

  • Brand improvement, growth in traffic  or viral marketing
  • Overall increase of relevance in search engines
  • Creation of permanent content in search engines through external publishers

SEO Campaign

  • Overall increased relevance in search engines
  • Targeted improvement of rankings for specific keywords

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