SeedingUp Campaign – a Case Study

With today's newsletter, we want to bring the success of a SeedingUp-Blog Marketing campaign to your attention through a case study.

Imagine, you are the manager of an online travel platform. Your intention is to push the “travel offers”-category of your website during the last two month of the year, in order to promote attractive winter deals for January and February.

Depending on the objective, a Blog Marketing campaign can improve your brand awareness and image, while increasing your search engine relevance at the same time.

Procedure of your Campaign

All details about your campaign can be discussed with our campaign managers in advance. Crucial to know for us is of course, which product, service or brand should become subject of the campaign.

Also important is the objective target of the campaign. Will it be a mere image campaign or do you want to increase your awareness, too?

In which way the article's style and content should be structured? Is it an article that only has general thematic connection to the campaign-subject, or do you want to introduce a new service or a product to your customers? Which aspects should be addressed specifically? Is there a guest account or a test object maybe, based on which our bloggers and publishers can perform a product- or service test? A mix of different article types would also be possible and even recommended for larger campaigns.

After clarifying your exact needs and your budget, your campaign starts: We search suitable travel blogs and portals for you, where your distinct target audience can be found.

The editorially independent bloggers and publishers will receive an accurate briefing about content and target links to your travel deals. Based on these specifications, the articles will be created and eventually be published. In any case, this is editorial handwork. Therefore, we give our publishers sufficient time, to create a high-quality and promising, as well as authentic post for you. If you provide available pictures or videos of the corresponding winter sport regions, they can also be included in your campaign. In order to increase the reach of your campaign even further, we will distribute the article on social networks (Social Seeding). Then we check the results and monitor the presence of the booked content product in long-term.

You can use a blog marketing campaign as a pure communication tool, SEO-measure or even both. We place interesting content and brand messages on high-quality and well matching publishing sites for you.
Positive SEO effects are produced primarily by increasing traffic, Social Media likes and brand awareness.

Campaign Results:

During the campaign already, an increase in Facebook Likes, in the number of clicks on your “winter deals”-section in January and February, as well as on the entire travel section were recorded. Some time later, other bloggers and users also reviewed your published article. Consequently, your overall rankings in search engines increased as well.

Our campaign managers are happy to give you individual advise you on your particular campaigns.