Raise the Reputation of your Products with an Influencer Video, a Video is Worth a Thousand Words

It goes without saying that you want to increase the reputation of your company, products and services. Perfectly suited to this goal are bloggers, YouTubers, online magazines and social networks.

In this context, have you thought about a product placement in a YouTube channel? Videos on YouTube especially reach the target groups aged between 12 and 50 years old. It’s not necessary to own a channel, instead, you place your products in a channel of a YouTuber with a relevant theme and target audience. Their reach increases your visibility and encourages your target audience to purchase.

Besides Google, YouTube is one of the biggest search engines around. Your customers search directly in YouTube for influencers to become aware of the latest trends, news, product comparisons and reviews. The network of the influencer not only initiates the buying process but also thrives off the trust of the target audience.

Followers can identify with YouTubers. Their words have weight. When they recommend something, it’s like receiving a recommendation from a friend. Their recommendation appears credible and authentic. The opinion of a YouTuber can skyrocket the attention on your products and services.

Social Seeding can also achieve additional reach within the target audience in social networks.

Examples of target audience definition:

Product: Football (Soccer) World Cup 2018
Sex: unisex
Age: 6+
Channel Types: travel, sport, gambling, lifestyle and news

Product: Cosmetics
Sex: female
Age: 12+
Channel Types: beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and sport

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