Product Test Campaign – New Campaign Service From SeedingUp

With The Help Of A Product Test Campaign, Raise The Profile Of Your Products And Services

As of now, we are offering you our new campaign service – Product Test campaign. This expands our selection of campaign offers adding to the already existing Blog Marketing campaign and SEO campaign.


For some time now, Advertisers have been able to directly book Product Tests with our Publishers. We are now extending this possibility, to where we can specifically take care of the entire process as part of the Product Test campaign!


Our experienced campaign managers take care of every step, from the initial consultation to the final report:

  • Discussion of your objectives, budgets, and approach
  • Selection of suitable and relevant Influencers and Bloggers for your target audience
  • Briefing of the independent Influencers and Bloggers
  • At your request, the shipping of your product(s)
  • Financial controlling and reporting


What You Can Expect From A Product Test Campaign

Advantages of a Product Test campaign

  • Presentation of products and services with usage and experience reports
  • Sales promotion: experience reports are commonly the basis for purchase decisions
  • Branding: growth of brand awareness
  • Increase in the level of awareness of services and products – it will reach interested readers via blogs and Influencers
  • Increased sales and traffic through many downstream effects: the articles of the Publishers stay listed in search engines for an indefinite period of time for when interested parties research your products and services.


Characteristics of a Product Test campaign

  • Individually published test reviews on well-connected blogs with loyal reader bases
  • Content specification possibility in accordance with the editorial decision-making freedom of the Bloggers
  • Link destinations can be specified and the inclusion of No-follow links can be considered
  • All services and products are suitable when they can be tested by Bloggers in a self-test. Unique and authentic content: the articles are created by the Bloggers themselves
  • Documentation of the tests with images or video footage is available by request
  • On request, we can take care of the shipping of your products
  • The tested products remain the property of the Influencers and Bloggers even after the conclusion of a Product Test campaign


To further increase the reach of your campaign, we offer you the opportunity to spread the articles in social networks (social seeding).


For further information on our new Product Test campaign, please feel free to contact us.