Now New: Improved Campaign service at SeedingUp / Influencer Campaign / 20% off IC – Influencer Campaignproducts

As of right now, we are combining the Blog Marketing Campaign (BMC), Product Test Campaign (PTC), and Influencer Video Campaign (IVC) into a single campaign type: the IC Influencer Campaign.

The Influencer Campaign offers everything that our other campaign types also offer but, in the new combination, it’s so much more. Regardless of whether it is about addressing image maintenance, branding, reach, additional content in the search engines, or the targeted increase in brand awareness for specific services or products - we have the right bloggers, online media, YouTubers & social influencers who post content.
We take your interesting content and brand-effective messages and place them with high-quality and suitable publishers & influencers. As a disseminator, we can utilise social networks effectively. However, customised campaigns are also still possible. Do you only want to use bloggers? No problem! You can provide detailed information on this when booking a campaign and a Campaign Manager will coordinate everything together with you before the begin.

What does the campaign service include?

  • Discussing your goals, budget, and approach
  • Selecting suitable relevant publishers within your target group
  • Briefing independent publishers
  • Shipping your products when needed
  • Controlling & reporting

In addition to the IC Influencer Campaigns, we also continue to offer you the specific campaign type SEO Campaign SEOC with a monthly budget and a longer term (can be terminated monthly).

You can achieve the following with an SEO Campaign: boost your traffic by increasing your search engine relevance through targeted Off-page SEO measures within the framework of the campaign.

Our Off-page SEO Campaign team reacts to new developments in the search engines, which can result, for example, from the SEO activities of your competitors. The team also researches new possible offers within the restrictions of your budget and presents proposals on budget adjustments if the strategy requires this.


We are more than happy to advise you in the run-up to your campaigns and, on request, also develop individual campaigns. Book a new campaign now with 20% off until June 1, 2020. Our Account and Campaign Managers look forward to supporting you.


Important: The discount cannot be combined with other discount or voucher campaigns and is valid for all new bookings during the discount period.