New Payment Systematic

Important Changes and Improvements

We have changed to a new payment system. For you, as a publisher, this means more flexibility. The change has been requested for quite a while now by our publishers.
Key Change: From now on, you can decide when you want to be paid your publisher credit. As soon as a payment is possible, we’ll inform you via the Publisher Dashboard, email and in many other places in your account.

Flexible Payments

To date you received your credits at the beginning of the month. As of now, we collect your payments as publisher credit in your customer account. You can decide when you want to get paid as soon as the minimum payment amount is reached. Payments can start at 4 Euro with e.g. PayPal. You can of course keep the current system and request payments at the beginning of the month. Payments have to be at least one month apart from each other.

Faster Payments Possible

Performance periods that ended at the beginning of the month, were only credited at the end of the month. Starting now, you will receive the credit note at the end of the performance period as publisher credit. This means that you will receive your payments faster than before.

Use Publisher Credit for Advertiser Bookings

It is now also possible to convert your publisher credit to advertiser credit to pay for bookings on our marketplace or other services.