New: Influencer Video Campaign – Promote Your Products and Services with Custom Created Videos from YouTubers

Boost the Popularity of Your Products and Services with an Influencer Video Campaign

Since the launch of our product ‘influencer video’ a few weeks ago, we have already received a healthy number of influencer video bookings. What we also noticed, was the increased number of questions in relation to the campaign process. It is therefore our pleasure to offer you our newest campaign service – influencer video campaign. This reinforces our existing campaign offers of blog marketing, product tests and SEO campaigns.

With our new Influencer video campaign, you can increase the popularity of products, brands, businesses, or services through unique and authentic YouTube videos on YouTube channels from well-networked influencers and bloggers.

Our experienced campaign managers take care of every step from the initial consultation to the final report:

  • Discussion of your goals, budget and strategy
  • Selection of suitable and relevant influencers and bloggers from your target group
  • Providing briefings to independent bloggers and influencers
  • On request, we handle the shipping of your products
  • Controlling & reporting

Benefits of an influencer video campaign:

  • Increased image and awareness of products, brands, businesses or services via tutorials, product tests, hauls or reviews
  • Experience reports which help to encourage purchasing decisions
  • New content about your products added online and in search engines
  • Videos are custom made by YouTubers. Unique content is created and your products will be skilfully presented by YouTubers.
  • Videos create an immediate impact and are especially attention grabbing.
  • You are able to make content specifications so long as they do not conflict with the editorial freedom of the YouTuber.

To further increase the reach of your campaign, we offer you the opportunity to spread the created YouTube videos on wide-reaching blogs and portals, as well as on social networks (social seeding).