New focus of the marketplace / new influencer campaigns / discount campaign

Redifing our offer in the self-service marketplace and in the area of campaigns around influencer marketing.

SeedingUp offers advertisers and publishers a wide variety of opportunities to place digital content on the web about products, brands, services through bloggers, online media and social influencers. We, the  SeedingUp team, support them in using these options on their best interest. The reward: more outreach, more traffic, and of course, ideally, more sales.

Redifing our offer in the self-service marketplace and in the area of campaigns around influencer marketing.

Our trusted productstext links, blogs (blogposts, product tests and video posts) and digital news can still be booked directly on the well-established SeedingUp marketplace. Here, we have additionally expanded our portfolio in recent years. With clever content seeding, the sustainable content is generated on the web and the specific target group is reached in the best possible way.

We will continue to offer these products as bundles or as campaigns that can be booked directly via the marketplace or individually adjusted.

The social products such as Facebook and Instagram, YouTube and Twitter channels, on the other hand, are no longer offered by SeedingUp in the self-service marketplace. The reason: the content seeding in the area of social media has proven to be significantly more successful when implemented in the form of campaigns. This is precisely why we are now focusing on this area in particular.

Top results with smart influencer campaigns

That is why the SeedingUp team is focusing now on the campaigns and we are expanding our portfolio to include the popular TikTok, which generates new target groups. 

The focus on the marketplace is on OffPage SEO and sustainable content on the web and in the search engines with bloggers and online media. For influencer marketing on social media, we offer customized campaigns adjusted on the custumer ‘s needs. Customized means above all that the respective target groups are neatly reached avoiding the waste coverage. We offer the valuable outreach of suitable influencers in the target group on the Instagram, Facebook and YouTube platforms, and now also on TikTok, in order to exploit its enormously growing potential.

Benefit from 10% discount now

To kick off the strategic refocus of SeedingUp as your trusted service provider for professional seeding content , OffPage SEO and influencer marketing, we are offering 10% off to all our products, bundles and campaigns until February 28th, 2023.

Individual advice

If you are interested, we offer a non-binding advice. We can discuss about facts, goals, budget and suitable options and a precise and fair offer is provided by SeedingUp. 

Here you may book an appointment for a call. I am looking forward to hear from you.