New at SeedingUp: Booking’s Service Bundles with publications guaranteed for Blogs, Digital News, YouTube and Social Media - Get your 15% Discount

The possibility to book specific Service Bundles for all our products is now available. This has the advantage that a SeedingUp Campaign Manager will be able to manage the corresponding bookings for you and the booked articles, videos or posts will be published in full.

We see the Booking's Service Bundles as an intermediate stage for those who do not want to make a concrete individual booking, but also do not want to book an extensive, differentiated campaign You can book the Service Bundles directly in your account and provide the appropriate specific information in the briefing.

To get started with your Service Bundles, we offer you a discount of 15% on the total price up to 18.11.2020.


For each product a different amount of articles or videos (for IV) in several quality levels is available.

Level 1: is aimed at offers from the lower to medium price Segment
Level 2: refers to offers from the middle to upper price Segment
Level 3: includes offers from the upper price Segment

If you would like to choose certain individual offers or premium offers, this must be done by direct booking. Our support team will be happy to assist you!

Social Media Bundles - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

For our Social Media Bundles, there are also a different number of posts and different levels of guaranteed minimum followers available.

You will receive the guaranteed number of posts and a total number of minimum followers.

Start profiting from our Service Bundles with 15% as an introductory treat.

Ask us today for the Service Bundles that might fit your business needs or about the individual implementation possibilities for your business! We are happy to advise you on all topics related to Blog Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Videos, Social Seeding and Offpage SEO.