Long-term success through blog posts and YouTube videos

Pay-per-click campaigns create online brand visibility fast. They can generate traffic and sales within a short space of time. However, it is very difficult to translate this into long-term success. We show why blog posts and YouTube videos have a crucial impact on the long-lasting success of companies and brands and complement other campaigns brilliantly.


Practical example of long-lasting content

Tina (10) is in the car with her mother to go shopping. On the way to the supermarket, she notices a poster showing a snorkelling mask. As Tina is due to go to the Mediterranean see with her family for the summer holidays, it would make a perfect piece of equipment to take along. She can already envisage herself going on discovery trips in the sea, on the lookout for many different fish.

Once back from the shopping trip, full of excitement, Tina tells her father about the snorkelling mask. Inspired by his daughter’s enthusiasm, he searches Google to find the mask. But before it’s in the shopping basket, he wants to find out more about the quality of the piece of equipment – after all, he doesn’t want his daughter to deal with foggy goggles every two minutes. Online, the father finds a number of blog posts and YouTube videos providing detailed reviews of the recently launched snorkelling mask. And the contents indicate that the mask is the perfect accompaniment for a holiday at the sea. The father is convinced by the reviews and places his order online. Of course, he’s not the only one. Other consumers have also found the articles on the snorkelling mask and clicked on the BUY button. This means that the manufacturer is able to generate decent sales as soon as the product has been launched.

The following spring, Paul (28) and Paula (26) are planning their summer holiday in Thailand. As the country is renowned for its crystal clear snorkelling spots, they both want to buy a snorkelling mask. During their online research, they find various blog posts and YouTube videos – just like Tina’s dad did – reporting about the snorkelling mask that was launched the previous year. The content relating to the mask convinces Paul and Paula that this is the ideal piece of equipment for their Thailand trip. They order the masks and look forward to their first snorkelling experience. Thanks to the content still being available online, the mask manufacturer has thus made yet another sale months later.


Why blog posts and YouTube videos generate enduring success

Content such as blog posts and YouTube videos initially cost businesses time and money. And their impact can often not be measured directly. Many companies are deterred by this. Consequently, short-term success via Google Ads is the first choice for many. However, they underestimate the enduring impact of intelligent, meticulously crafted content, which creates signposts online that users will still find years later. This means that once the first few sales have covered the investment in the content creation, blog posts and YouTube videos become highly profitable.

There are several reasons for this:

Positioned in the market long-term
Once the content has been created and published, it remains online and in the market, accessible to the target group. Contrary to adverts, users have access to it long-term - not only temporarily.

Aimed at the target group
To build trust in your brand and your products it’s crucial to have content created by bloggers and YouTubers who move in the same environment as your target group. That endows the created blog posts and YouTube videos with appropriate authenticity, making them more credible than anonymous test reports and reviews.

The result: greater brand awareness, more visitors to the site, more conversions and greater sales

And this does not only apply to brand-new content. Even blog posts and YouTube videos that have been online for several years can have a crucial impact on consumer buying intention.

High added value
Good content provides high added value. It solves the problems of the target group and shows that a brand has particular expertise in the specific area. Companies can have content created that is virtually timeless and that will offer consumers true added value far into the future.

Wide reach
Each blog and each YouTube channel is capable of winning followers and thus building a community of its own. This can prove particularly valuable in the long run. Once a community has become established, it provides social proof to other potential customers. This is because consumers tend to trust the opinions of other users more than companies themselves. A community thus provides the most successful platform for convincing content.

This does not necessarily mean that companies have to set up their own channel to make their content successful in the long-run. They can market their products through well-matched influencers instead. That way, they achieve a wide reach from the very first post.

Benefits of long-lasting content

Content such as blog posts and videos not only offer “long-term” online accessibility. They also enable companies to sustainably:

  • improve their online visibility,
  • position themselves as experts in their field,
  • increase the credibility of their brand,
  • improve their image and
  • stay in the minds of customers.

Create long-lasting blog posts and YouTube videos

For companies to achieve long-lasting success with their blog posts and YouTube videos, they need to draw up a content strategy first. Among other things, this involves:

  • determining the purpose of the content,
  • defining buyer personas,
  • creating an editorial calendar and,
  • selecting the appropriate channels for dissemination.

The planning provides clear guidelines for the content creation. This is the only way for companies to fully leverage the potential of their posts and videos. Only then should they deal with the actual content creation. Here, the focus must be on high quality in order to differentiate the company from the competition. That said, it is important not to shackle the bloggers and YouTubers with excessively strict instructions regarding content and implementation. Otherwise, the authenticity of the blog posts and videos will suffer. If they get it right, collaboration with bloggers and YouTubers will help companies put out convincing content that will boost their sales as well as ensure their long-term online visibility.

Utilise the potential of blog posts and YouTube videos

We will support you with the successful dissemination of content about your products and services online. Not only do we work with the right bloggers and influencers, we also have the professional know-how to devise a sensible content strategy. Our experienced campaign managers will connect you with influential and authentic bloggers and YouTubers, who will produce high-impact content for you and position it skillfully. As a result, you will have sustainable content that will increase your online authority and visibility and thus boost your sales long-term.