Increasing product popularity as well as brand and company awareness

Influencer campaign - a case study

With a SeedingUp influencer campaign, you can consolidate and increase the level of awareness of your company and your products, and strengthen confidence in them. By strategically placing articles, product tests, YouTube videos (tutorials, hauls, or reviews), and posts on suitable and established blogs, in online media, on YouTube, and social media channels, our publishers create targeted associations with your products and brands among your potential customers. In doing so, we guarantee a topic-specific connection between the content and your product or service. On top of this, we guarantee additional added value for your customers, e. g. by permanent accessibility to the articles when searching with search engines, particularly Google. By addressing the target group in a customised manner through the themed environment of blogs, YouTube channels, online media, and social media,  purchase decisions can be influenced here. 

Today, we would like to show you the advantages of working with SeedingUp by means of a case study that shows the course of a campaign from its conception to successful implementation, taking into account the client’s interests. 

The starting position and objectives of the campaign  

You are the online marketing manager of a sporting goods manufacturer and responsible for the accompanying product launch of a new innovative wetsuit with an integrated inflatable life jacket for the spring season of 2020. In addition to traditional TV and print advertising, what’s required is increased target group appeal through the various online media. The aim is to address the target group – passionate surfers and paddle boarders of all ages, as well as other water sports enthusiasts – via various online media.  

From goal-setting to achievement  


  • increase awareness of the new product line 
  • increase in traffic 
  • reaching new potential target groups  
  • increase in sales  
  • sustainable success  

Procedures and conceptual design of a SeedingUp influencer campaign: 

  • consultation and budget setting 
  • discussion and strategic planning together with the client 
  • selection and briefing of the influencers according to the client’s wishes 
  • shipping of physical products 
  • updates  
  • support for the influencers when they have queries  
  • content coordination together with customer & quality control  
  • selection of suitable social media channels  
  • reporting 

Execution of the campaign 

Definition of tasks: Influencer marketing to increase the popularity of the new wetsuit with integrated inflatable life jacket  
Duration: 3 months* 
Monthly budget: € 15,000 each* 

Marketing material provided by the client: image, video, and text material 


    • smaller and larger blogs in the area of water sports to raise awareness of the topic 
    • product testers from the field of water sports to carry out product tests with accompanying image galleries and videos 
    • sports and lifestyle magazines/portals with a large readership or special portals on the topic of water sports, surfing, etc. as a means of introducing the new product line generally
    • creation of product and influencer videos by YouTubers in the area of water sports, in which the advantages and innovations of the new wetsuit with an integrated life jacket are shown. Subsequent publication on the respective YouTuber’s channel 
    • social seeding of articles and product tests on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach users on topic-relevant social profiles and thus increase reach 
    • seeding of the created YouTube videos on blogs, in sports and lifestyle magazines, and in social networks (integration of image and video material) 

    Achievement of objectives:  

      • budget was adhered to  
      • creation of 7 product and influencer videos by YouTubers with a large number of views 
      • 20 product test articles with image series and videos 
      • 30 authentic articles with added value on smaller and larger water sports blogs  
      • 15 articles in sports and lifestyle magazines / on portals with a large readership as a means of introducing the new product line generally
      • 30 Facebook posts to increase the reach of influencer videos 
      • 30 Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts to generate additional reach for product tests 

      * This is, of course, only an example of both the budget and duration of the campaign for the purpose of this case study. These can be individually adapted to the respective budget requirements and markets.  

      What can you achieve with a SeedingUp campaign – what can you expect?  

      The interaction of relevant and suitable influencers and the publication of product tests, magazine articles, and influencer videos and their dissemination in social media showed initial successes during the campaign. Not only was there an increase in the number of likes and shares of articles on topic-related Facebook profiles, but there was also a noticeable rise in the number of hits on offers in the online shop.  

      The articles published in blogs, lifestyle magazines, and on sports portals, the experience reports by product testers and YouTubers, and the seeding of posts and shares in social networks have prompted numerous other influencers and users to comment on the published content (in articles, image, and video form) or to post reviews of the products.  


      Measurable SEO effects through downstream effects 

      Another positive effect of the campaign was the additional content in the search engines due to the influencers. Not only during the ongoing product launch, but also at a later date, interested water sports loving users will come across numerous Google search results in the form of the product tests and YouTube videos for the new product line when researching new innovations in the water sports scene. These contents can reliably be found in the results. 

      Benefit from sustainable content about your products, your brand, and your company! 

      • Enhanced image and brand credibility  
      • Your products or services will remain in your potential customers’ memory   
      • Permanent placement in the market within your target group 
      • Content alignment tailored to your target group 
      • Content as a means of offering high added value for readers  
      •  Outreach increase 
      • When conducting a Google search, users come across articles and videos about your services, your products, and your company 
      • Differentiation of your own products from those of competitors 
      • Increase in turnover  
      • Increased visibility on the web

      Fazit: Bottom line: advantages of a SeedingUp campaign  

      Since every Influencer campaign is individual in its theme and objectives, our campaign managers will work with you to create a campaign that is tailored and designed specifically for you, your company, and your products, and that suits your company and your products. Possible changes in strategy will, of course, be taken into account during the implementation of the campaign. Independent influencers create unique, value-added content to drive product popularity, brand, and corporate awareness. Use a tailor-made SeedingUp campaign to increase traffic and, in the long term, sales.