Increasing awareness of products and services through authentic test reports

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Use a product test or a product test campaign to increase the awareness of your products and services through authentic reviews on high-reach blogs by well-connected influencers and bloggers.

Influencers and bloggers raise awareness and the image of your services and products with individually created product tests. Articles appear on our publishers’ popular and densely networked blogs and can be further disseminated in their social networks. As part of a product test, our publishers can also create pictures and produce videos, which together with the articles create content which persists well in search engines and is readily available to interested parties researching a particular product.

That’s why product tests are ideal for creating sustainable and increased awareness of brands and products.


What you can expect from a product test or product test campaign:

  • Presentation of products in user and experience reports.
  • Increase in sales: people often base a purchasing decision on testimonials.
  • Branding: increase in brand awareness.
  • Increased awareness of services and products.
  • Interested readers are reached through blogs and influencers.
  • Increase in sales and traffic through numerous downstream effects: Publishers are quasi permanently listed in search engines when interested parties research your products and services.

Characteristics of a product test or product test campaign

  • Individually published reviews on well-connected blogs with loyal readers.
  • Content requirements are possible with editorial freedom of decision of the bloggers.
  • Link destinations can be specified, Nofollow links can be considered.
  • All services and products that can be tested by the bloggers themselves are suitable.
  • Unique and authentic content: the articles are created by the blogger him/herself.
  • Tests can be documented with image or video material on request.
  • The value of the product may be deducted in whole or in part.
  • The products provided remain in the possession of the bloggers and influencers after the completion of the product test

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