Improvements for Blog Marketing and Digital News:

Important Information for Advertisers and Publishers

As our customer, we want you to always be satisfied with the quality of and the way we handle our products and services. This is why we have made some improvements with exactly this goal in mind. If you offer or book blog marketing or digital news on our marketplace, you will be interested in the following information:

Acceptance and Rejection of Booking Requests.

In the past, it has occurred that our publishers were very late in processing booking requests. During this time, advertisers were uncertain whether publishers were even interested in their booking requests. It is therefore necessary from now on that publishers accept or reject booking requests before starting to process them. As long as the request is left unaccepted, the advertisers can cancel it. Likewise, processing begins only once the booking has been accepted. You will benefit from better scheduling and advertisers will be better informed about the processing of their booking requests.
All open booking requests before this change have been automatically marked "accepted". As a publisher, you can back out of these without any negative consequences if you are not interested in the request.

Processing Time.

We previously allowed seven days to process blog marketing bookings, starting from the time the booking request was sent to the publisher.
Beginning immediately, the advertisers can set their own processing times for their booking requests. These should, of course, also take into account the amount of work required by the publisher. Our tip: Allow a little more time for complex tasks so that everyone involved is satisfied with the final quality of the content. However, the processing time does not begin until the publisher accepts the booking.

User Communication and Evaluations of Article Bookings.

We want to ensure that the published articles match the advertiser's brief and do not contain any deficiencies in terms of content or quality. We have therefore implemented a two-stage evaluation and quality management process, which includes an evaluation by the publisher and check by our quality team.
If any questions arise during the creation of an article, we recommend advertisers and publishers also to contact each other directly. Detailed contact information is found in your customer account under "Message to author" or "Message to advertiser."

Also pay attention to any e-mails you receive from us related to your bookings. They detail the new procedures precisely. If you have deactivated e-mails, we recommend that you re-enable them so that you don't miss out on important information.