How you can utilise influencer marketing with micro-influencers for search engine optimisation

Companies generally collaborate with influencers to increase the number of followers and brand awareness that they have. An area that is often underestimated in this context is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  In the following, we will show you the  impact that influencer marketing has on  SEO, especially with micro-influencers, and how you can best use this for your company.

1. Relevant and current content

Companies often struggle for months or even years with the task of producing and publishing relevant and high-quality content. This is attributable to the fact that Google mainly rewards readable, high-quality articles that have a particularly high level of user interaction. Influencers are very savvy at creating ongoing appealing content that is well-received in the communities and thus generates many clicks, likes and comments. Influencers are also an ideal choice when it comes to preparing and disseminating corporate content externally. Influencers are thus a crucial aid in creating and disseminating relevant content for your target group.

2. Additional content in search engines

Influencers, especially bloggers, create additional content in the search engines on your behalf. Interested individuals will come across this content when they are looking for your brands, products or topics.

Talented influencers have an enormous advantage over company pages in that they have already placed themselves in the top tiers on Google and in social networks, thus achieving high visibility on the Internet. Your company can benefit from this visibility by having influencers post information about you.


3. Greater reach

Influencers  can support companies and brands because they have a greater reach. However, this is not only limited to the number of followers: Generally, users are very interested in the topics that micro-influencers delve into, as these often maintain close relationships of trust with their followers. If you have carefully selected an influencer, you will  reach your exact target group through them. This range also ensures many indirect effects for off-page search engine optimisatio.

4. Authority and trust

Authority and trust are  important factors in search engine optimisation; the higher the user’s trust in the webpage, the higher Google rates the authority of the webpage.   Influencers often have the complete trust of their users, thus allowing articles posted by them to have a high priority at Google. Collaborating with influencers thereby gives you the opportunity to make use of  this authority and trust for your brand by letting influencers place your products on  varied platforms.

5. More user interaction

Posts usually receive many likes, shares and comments because of the trust that users place in influencers.  By positioning your brand or your products in these posts, you automatically get the attention that users give to the influencer. Google then rates that as a positive ranking factor. Many clicks, links and likes substantiate the high relevance of the article which also results in your site’s increased relevance.

6. Backlinks

Backlinks are still a very important ranking factor for Google. In the past, companies could easily build backlinks. However, Google now only rewards backlinks that are authentically integrated into websites that possess a high level of authority and quality.

The attributes mentioned above can create many backlinks to your webpages in an influencer campaign.

These are the substantial benefits of backlinks:

  • many clicks from the influencer’ followers,
  • an increase in the visibility of your brand,
  • an increase in the authority of your website and
  • an improvement of your ranking.

Utilise influencer marketing for an SEO boost

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