Handout Available For Download: Influencer Marketing - What’s Behind It, What Are The Effects?

To conclude our ‘Influencer Marketing’ series, receive an overview of the important details on the topic of Influencer Marketing

Over the past 5 weeks, we have introduced to you, step by step, everything that is worth knowing about Influencer Marketing.


On 10 May, we began with the fundamental question: What do we know about Influencer Marketing?. In the weeks that followed, we asked the questions: Where do you find Influencers? Why is YouTube leading in Influencer Marketing? and What can influencers do?


On 7 June, our Facebook series concluded with the question: How is news consumed? – the content shock.


For further information and tips, please view our handout on Influencer Marketing.

Some interesting information from the contents:

  • Influencer = Trust
  • Influencer Marketing – the figures