Digital News Article - Receive a 10% discount

Get your message distributed through the digital editions of newspapers, magazines and other high-quality media.

Digital News articles are published in online editions of newspapers, magazines and other high-quality media offerings. These have a particularly long reach and have a large social network followership.

This is one of the best ways to reach a specific audience, particular if you are targeting a particular set of industry members or an interest group. The Digital News product is also great for Press Releases.

We offer you three different versions of Digital News:

  • Experience and test reports

  • Topical editorial articles

  • Featured guest articles


Processing and Posting

Find a digital news offer on our platform that suits your needs or inquire about our campaign service. After the editors have received your booking request they will implement it according to your requirements and will publish it in the booked digital news offering (for example, daily newspaper edition of a newspaper). If desired, you can increase the reach of your article by combining it with our social media marketing product, Social Seeding.

Key benefits of Digital News

  • Superior reach for your article

  • First-class environment for the presentation of your brands, services or products

  • Several definable backlinks in the article

  • Enhance your post with images and videos

  • High quality offers – each offer on our platform is checked by our quality assurance team

  • Advertorial option: specify the article text completely, or have unique content written by the publisher

  • Simple and user friendly booking process through our platform or via our managed services


* Important: The discount cannot be combined with further discount or voucher campaigns and applies to all new bookings in the promotion period from 06.02. Until 12.02.2017. On our platform, you will see the regular prices. The discount is displayed in the shopping cart and before the payment process at the checkout.