Christmas Shopping Season will be more online than ever and SeedingUp is backing you up!

Last year’s Christmas shopping season was very successful for online retailers, with a 14.7 percent share of total sales globally. With the Covid-19 outbreak this year, a significant rise in e-commerce has been triggered, resulting in a forecast of big increments for the online share of total sales for 2020. This projection shows a growth in digital buyers as well.

During the peak phase of the Pandemic back in spring, 70 percent of consumers had a strong preference to buy online. The search volume in retail categories has quadrupled on average.

The second wave will probably stick with us for a while this winter. Crowded shopping malls and downtown areas - all of that will not be happening this year. Online shopping is the NEW Christmas Shopping.

Stay in the loop and keep in constant contact with your new and existing customers.

Take advantage of the efficacy of Bloggers, YouTubers and Influencers to put your brand in the spotlight by increasing your audience, generating traffic and sales!

Especially in the current times, it is crucial to provide potential new customers and existing customers with information about your services and products and to convince them of the value they have . In the first wave in early spring, the focus was increasingly on newsletter marketing with an overflow of Corona discounts and "We are here for you" mailshots.

Because right now your potential customers have time to browse through blogs, magazines, and social media and to inform themselves about you through blog articles, editorial articles, and posts and make (even long-term) purchase decisions. In this way, you also stay in touch and connect with your customers during this difficult period.

Keep the ball rolling... Virtually!

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