Cashback Aktion zum Jahresbeginn

We hope you have made a good start to the new year? We're ringing in the new year with a big cashback Promotion.

Until 10.01.2021 you will get a 5% cashback for every advertiser credit top-up.

You can use this credit regardless of time and product throughout 2021. This means, get the cashback today and use it later when needed.

Additionally, gain the following Benefits:

  • Fewer invoices: You’ll receive your invoices per credit top up, and not per booking and renewal, meaning less administrative work.
  • Never miss another payment deadline: Renewal invoices, such as those from ongoing campaigns, are automatically paid from the existing balance. This way, you avoid unintentionally ending a campaign.

Take advantage of this opportunity and don’t miss out on the 5% during the promotional period in the new year. You can pay for your top-up with any available payment Option.