Advertiser Credit Cashback Offer

Did your new year start off with a bang? To help you begin especially well in 2018, we are holding a cashback action.

So, you’re familiar with the advertiser credit top-up possibility? Here you can benefit in many ways.

·         Fewer invoices:

You receive an invoice per credit top-up not per booking or extension and have less ‘e-paperwork’.

·         Don’t miss any future payment deadlines:

Renewal invoices for campaign bookings, for example, are paid automatically from existing credit. This way you can avoid the unwanted endings of campaigns.

·         5% additional credit per top-up:

Until 07.01.2018, you will receive 5% additional Advertiser credit as part of our cashback promotion.


Take advantage of this opportunity and do not miss out on the 5% for the promotion period in the New Year. You can top up with any available payment option.

Our support team are happy to answer your questions at any time.

Kind regards,

Your SeedingUp Team