15 refreshing content ideas for your blog

A good blog thrives on regular posts with content that is as qualitative as possible. But to fill an editorial plan with meaningful content ideas, bloggers need inspiration as well as a sophisticated content marketing strategy.

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If you want to attract new readers to your blog, it is advisable to develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy. To do this, you should first define certain topics that fit your products and services. Practical side effect: These topics not only provide you with ideas, but also automatically the main keywords that you need for your SEO measures. You can then research the exact blog topics using these main categories and accompany them with corresponding social media posts.
Important when finding topics: Look for unique content that provides your target group with real informative added value. This reduces the bounce rate of your readers and has a positive effect on your conversion rate in the long term. Here are 15 tips that you can use to bring a breath of fresh air to your blog:


#1 Present your services and products

One of the topics you should regularly cover as a blogger is the presentation of your company - more specifically, your products and services. Such a blog post should of course be different from the corresponding menu item on your website. Link your company theme to related topics and think about a call-to-action button at the end of the blog post.


#2 This is how it's done: Tips and tricks

Readers who search for your business online and read your articles are definitely interested in how-to articles. Look for content that is relevant to your target group and write a blog post as a guide with many examples. Important: number your tips - this creates structure and clarity.


#3 News and trends from the industry

Anyone who is engaged in blogging on a specific topic should also regularly research news and developments in their own industry on Google and Co. This can then be used to quickly create relevant and informative content - with links to magazines, studies or other background information.


#4 Share experiences

Have you read a book or implemented methods or processes in your daily work that could be of interest to your clients? Give your personal feedback on the blog! If you review a third-party publication, be sure to keep it objective. Constructive and honest criticism is always a good read, but an article full of negative remarks is never a good idea.


#5 Behind the scenes: introduce your team

Who are the faces of your company? Show a personal side and introduce your team members with their respective areas of work and expertise. Make it a series of blog posts and share them on your social networks.


#6 How was it? Share your experiences with your readers

Perhaps you recently attended an exciting event that you want to share with readers? Here's a perfect topic for new blog posts. Write down your impressions of the event and add photos, videos and share on social with the hashtag #event for example.

#7 Guest Contributions & Interviews

Bloggers should always be well connected in their own industry. Use your contacts and publish a guest post written by an expert or partner. You can also conduct an interview on your blog. And the best part: guest authors usually bring their own readers, who can thus also become fans of your blog.


#8 News from the desk: Insights into everyday working life

Another good blog post idea: give a snapshot of your day-to-day work. For example, was there a big team event? Create a blog topic from it and invite your followers into your daily routine. Consider sharing the photos or videos on your social media accounts.


#9 Free downloads

Both Google and your readers expect informative and clear articles that add value. Publish handy checklists, templates, graphics or other useful downloads and tools. In short: anything your customers can use themselves or recommend to others.


#10 Internal: Job offers and new employees

Are you currently looking for a new employee for your team or have you recently hired new employees? Use your blog and social media channels like Twitter or Facebook to draw attention to your open positions or to introduce your new team members.


#11 Let your customers express themselves

Good content can be multifaceted. Sometimes just switching perspectives and publishing an article from the customer's point of view can bring freshness. Specifically, this can be reports on specific projects, surveys of your regular customers on your new products or services, or a conversation with a long-time business partner on a relevant topic. Authentic customer testimonials increase your credibility!


#12 Review

It can also be interesting for bloggers to look back. Talk about what happened in the past year or write about your biggest challenges with milestones or problems you overcame. This way you give your community an interesting insight into your world and also recap the important phases of your business for yourself.


#13 News, news and more news

Blogging is a great way to share your business news with your community. Talk about what's on your mind right now. If you meet your customers at eye level and share your thoughts with them, it encourages them to share their ideas and increases the rate of interaction.


#14 Background info for your target group

Look for additional information related to your products and services that might be of interest to your target group. Make sure you always link to your internal pages, i.e. other blog posts on the same topic, or to your menu items.


#15 Looking to the future

Dare to look to the future and let your customers participate. How will the industry and your business develop in the near future? What are your goals for the coming year?


Blogging with strategy and focus

The right topics are the key to a successful blog. Important: don't just write, but develop a well thought-out strategy for your blog posts and social networks. Make sure you always offer unique content with real added value.