What are the services of the Campaign Service?

You essentially have two options to use SeedingUp as an Advertiser: either you make your bookings yourself using our self-service marketplace or you commission our Campaign Service. Using the self-service marketplace, you can book each individual offer yourself. Depending on the selected product, you inform the Publisher with respect to article content and links. You manage your bookings yourself and should therefore have experience in content and Blog Marketing or SEO. For each booking, you will receive an invoice or booking voucher.

For a small service charge of 10% on the regular marketplace prices, you can save a lot of time and benefit from the expertise of our campaign manager. After all of the relevant information on strategy and targets as well as the budget have been discussed, we will start working for you. We will analyse your current situation, implement appropriate bookings, brief the Publisher, monitor bookings and regularly inform you of all the activities. Of course, you will only pay for successfully implemented bookings. Unused budget will be transferred to the next month or refunded.

We offer two types of campaigns: SEO campaigns to increase search engine relevance (from €200.00 per month) as well as content and Blog Marketing campaigns (starting from a one-time booking budget of €500.00).

Of course, we also offer custom campaign solutions. Simply get in touch with our account manager or our support team.